Executive Coaching, Leadership and Organization Development

The development and coaching of senior managers and executives is a focal point of all high performing organizations. The PS4M Consulting team works with selected high-potential individuals, their respective teams and the broader organization they support to assess strengths, identify potential weakness or blind-spots and develop plans for increased future success. We can provide appropriately structured programs to meet the needs of a c-suite executive through those of a departmental manager.

Although some may believe that leadership is a gift versus a skillset that is developed, it is the most essential of elements which must be present in order to move an organization forward. Our executive and leadership coaching is entirely custom focused to ensure both its relevance and its effectiveness. The duration of coaching periods and the frequency of sessions are arranged to meet the personal schedules of the employee - to ensure the assignment is fully supportive. We assist these organizational leaders to understand not only their behavior but also how their behavior needs to be consistent with the company's culture, overall climate and values in order for them to be successful. We use appropriate, highly respected tools to provide the individual with comprehensive assessment data and confidential feedback to enhance the process.

We work in reviewing and evaluating organizational design and development plans in order to develop strategies or recommendations for increased efficiency and effectiveness.


We create frameworks for performance management consistent with you organization's culture and requirements. Whether you have a need for feedback tools, employee surveys, performance appraisal programs or enhanced communication tools, our PS4M Consulting team will work with you to find the right solution to meet your requirements.

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