Labor Relations and Labor Strategy Development

Whether your organization has a union, an internal staff association or a more informal management-employee committee structure, effective labor relations strategies are essential to maintaining a cooperative working environment. Statutory rights of employees in this area have continued to evolve at an incredible speed over the past decade - and great organizations need to remain at the top of their game to stay outside of the influence of third-party labor representatives.


Whatever the environment, our PS4M Consulting team assists in labor strategy development, negotiations and grievance management / administration. Need help is framing out a structure to deal with a newly organized workforce? We're here for you. Need to develop and introduce an appropriate coaching or progressive discipline process to improve or correct behavior? Our team can work independently or as part of your HR team to create and implement a program consistent with your culture and collective bargaining agreement.

We can assist in the development of union avoidance strategies and the appropriate training of your supervisory and management staff to ensure that you do not get tripped up during periods of possible union organization by making promises or taking actions which can be deemed unfair labor practices resulting in immediate union recognition under statute. Such activities can be extraordinarily stressful to an organization and understanding what is and what is not permitted can keep you out of harm's way.

Having issues on the floor between your employees resulting in grievances and employee morale issues? We believe that labor contract training to ensure your managers are well versed in contract language interpretation and handling employees within a union environment make a real difference in avoiding unnecessary flash-points.

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